As a UNIQUE base we are EXCITED about CULTURE and the fulfilling of the GREAT COMMISSION. We believe that God has placed a part of himself in every CULTURE and that each people group has its own UNIQUE way of sharing the gospel.

We are an INTERNATIONAL base. We believe that God has created all NATIONS, and that each CULTURE carries a part of the picture of what God is like. When the nations come TOGETHER we get to see a more accurate PICTURE of God’s character.

We believe in UNITY and desire to IMPACT our COMMUNITY and other local MINISTRIES through PARTNERSHIP and sharing of our TIME and RESOURCES.

Come to the Kingdom of Swaziland, BRING your team and help us to BUILD God’s Kingdom in this NATION. You are WELCOME to join us to show who God is and what He looks like. Be part in what God is DOING here in Swaziland.

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